Prehistoric Studio

Prehistoric Studio is an Australian production and post production studio on the east coast of Australia.

Ryan Whare is a veteran music producer and engineer, with 10+ years of experience producing and engineering high quality music. He holds multiple degrees in media, has maintained a busy international touring schedule and continues to refine his ears, knowlege and techniques.


Ryan has engineered countless releases over the years, and is known for high quality and precise work with close client support, communication and in-depth advice for the best result.


Ryan has a highly developed and diverse set of skill across production, song writing, engineering, programming and sound design. With a multitude of successes across multple styles around the world, he can bring passionate worldclass production to any project.


Do you want to learn how to produce/design/engineer/understand sound in a deeper way? Whether you are beginner or expert, lessons and workshops can be arranged, either in person if available, or over the internet.

Mastering  / Engineering / Post Production