Prehistoric Studio


Ryan has engineered countless releases over the years, and is known for high quality and precise work with close client supportcommunication and in-depth advice for the best result.


Ryan has a highly developed and diverse set of skill across production, song writing, engineering, programming and sound design. With a multitude of successes across multple styles around the world, he can bring passionate worldclass production to any project.


Do you want to learn how to produce/design/engineer/understand sound in a deeper way? Whether you are beginner or expert, lessons and workshops can be arranged, either in person if available, or over the internet.

Master – $50 AUD 
Stem Master – $80 AUD 
Mix  – $150 AUD
Tutorial – $60AUD x 1 Hr

* Prices per track, includes two revisions, 6 or less tracks for stems, I teach and operate with Ableton