Other Projects


Electrocado is a duo project with my friend Mr Bill. We created it in 2009 by  combining generous amounts of psy, electro, glitch, minimal and progressive, spread some avocado on top, then grilled it till it was steamin’ hot and crunchy. The result is a tasty and satisfying meal covering a wide range of tempo’s and musical influences.

Like my Ryanosaurus project, we like to release most of our Electrocado music for free! You can download music and discover more about the project from our online networks!

bandcamp facebooksoundcloudyoutube

Mechacado is another project of mine with Mr Bill. It is a robot that takes MIDI input and translates it into movement then sound. The video below shows it in action:

We I then modified Mechacado to be smaller and sent it overseas to drummer Morgan Agren in exchange for some drum tracks for an Electrocado release.

Bill and I are currently planning the next incarnation of the Mechacado project!