If you’d like some help on getting your finished track closer to that loud, polished and professional level you are looking for, then get in touch with me about┬ámy mastering and stem mixdown services! Following are some examples of my mastering.

<strong> Reflection - Box Of Chocolates <br></strong> <i> 2013 - Fish 'n Trips Records</i> <p> With a blend of technicality, mathematics, progressiveness and tribal you get a Box of Chocolates! The debut album from one of Australia's up and coming progressive psytrance producers, Reflection.<br><i>Mastered By Ryanosaurus - Art by Adam Ray  </i> <p> Download this album for free from: <a href="" target="_blank">Bandcamp</a><strong> Pay The Rent Bitches : Part 2 <br></strong> <i> 2013</i> <p> This is a journey through the genres. All unreleased gems that will make you nod ya fucking head.  The second edition of the monthly collab 'Pay the Rent, Bitche$!' It's a month late but we are yet to meet anyone that actually gives a fuck?! :P  We're already working on part 3... and that will probably be late too.<br><i>Mastered By Ryanosaurus - Art by Angus Green </i> <p> Download this album for free from: <a href="" target="_blank">Bandcamp</a><strong> Phsiris - Ham Job <br></strong> <i> 2012</i> <p> Pretty, melodic, quirky and psychedelic grooves to tease and massage the brains of bacon heads is one way to describe the music of Phsiris who is a Sydney based producer that likes to indulge in all styles of electronic music.   Ham Job is the first release which delves into the realms of psychedelic breaks. Fusing a multitude of elements from psytrance, downtempo and breaks to come out with a unique fresh take.   Have you ever wondered what music would sound like if it was written by bacon? Well wonder no more.<br><i>Mastered By Ryanosaurus - Art by Tobius Millar  </i> <p> Download this album for free from: <a href="" target="_blank">Bandcamp</a>